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ABOUT Jessie


Jessie is the founder and owner of The Improv Effect, which she started in 2007.  Her goal was to help businesses reach their full potential by means of interpersonal-communication skills training.

Throughout the years, Jessie has become a key player in internal culture transformations for global companies such as Skype, Groupon, Fidelity Investments, Johnson & Johnson, Getty Images, The PGA Tour, Crayola and many more.

Utilizing an array of experiential techniques, she leads teams and organizations in their endeavors to achieve teamwork, creative problem solving tools, presentation skills, and product development ideation sessions.


Mike Bonifer is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for bigSTORY, the first company in the world to practice quantum storytelling, an emerging science that accounts for how stories are created, live in networks and influence behaviors.


He is the author of GameChangers: Improvisation for Business in the Networked World and the creator of the ERGOTM game system for business productivity. He has conducted improvisation training for companies around the world and at universities such as USC, Notre Dame and NYU.

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